Sacred India

We would like invite you on this journey to the “SACRED INDIA”. Here we are going to immerse ourselves in totally unique and remote places, and with our hearts connect to nature and cultural wonders never seen before. The journey is a deep discovery of hidden and most sacred places in India as well as in your self. Travelling India is for most people a deep spirituel meeting also within your self and the resonance from these places has the power to activate and reveal also the hidden and sacred parts of your own soul. The discovery and exploration will be accompanied by meditations, vibrational works through voice and chanting receiving the energy and resonating with the Mother Earth. Our spiritual foundation is kundalini yoga and meditation, sound therapy and various shamanic practices including the Inka traditions from the Andes. VERY LIMITED SPACE and VIP. We’re leaving soon for the month of May, you’re still on time. Write Ramji by INBOX or WhatsApp +49 162 74 53 585. We are happy to answer any questions and to bring you with us on this deep journey into the sacred.

With our deepest love and devotion
Sat Nam and Namasté

Helle Dayal and Ramji Singh

Details about the journey and practical info

Below you will find the itinerary and practical information about dates, price and whats included and not.

To travel to India you need to apply for a travel visa in advance, so don’t hesitate to contact us, as time is running short for committing to this experience. We are going ahead with this journey and it IS happening.

Language is multilingual and we are available in danish, english, spanish and german with the main languages being english and spanish. We travel as FRIENDS in a small group and we always bring you with us in our hearts. You are so welcome.

Covid 19 restrictions

We suggest you always follow the latest update for entry and travel restrictions from your contry’s embassy in India. At writing moment march 23. the requirements for entering India is:

  • Covid-19 vaccinationcertificat in printing


  • Negativ Covid 19 test within the last 72 hours of arrival in printing.

India may require a new test prior to any transit and domestic flights, so be prepared to take and pay for your additional covid test on the way.